We envision a world where broken relationships are reconciled and restored. Our mission is to reconcile marriages across the nation through our Marriage Mission Trips, reclaiming the territory of marriage and family for God. During these journeys, we share our testimony of reconciliation and teach tangible tools to help couples strengthen their relationships with God and each other. We also train marriage ministry leaders and pastors on effective ways to implement ministries of reconciliation in their churches by providing affordable, immediate, and ongoing support for marriages in crisis. Our journeys will take us through several regions of the U.S.

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Our 2018 fall mission will cover various western states. Email us for more information at

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As marriage missionaries, we do not charge for our services, but hope to receive lodging and meals, if possible. We book our trips on a first-come, first-served basis and are available to serve in the following ways:

  • Share our testimony of reconciliation (which concludes with prayer ministry for couples in need)
  • Teach workshops to help strengthen marriages
  • Equip pastors and ministry leaders with tools and resources for couples in crisis
  • Support pastors and ministry leaders who want to implement a ministry of reconciliation
  • Conduct a marriage outreach event for your community

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