Mission Prayer List

Marriage Mission Trip

Prayer List

Thank you for your prayers. Please allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as you pray for us and the people God has called us to serve during this mission. We ask you to pray for God’s will and desire in all things…and for the courage and faith to submit to His plans. We’ve listed some other requests below to assist you in petitioning God on our behalf.

  • That EVERYTHING about this mission would have, as its first priority,      God’s will and His glory.
  • To breakdown ALL the strongholds of the enemy within marriages.
  • That husbands and wives would be willing to reconcile with God and put Him first in their lives…and then submit their marriages and families to His authority.
  • That husbands would step up into the role of spiritual leaders in their homes and that their wives would truly be their helpmates.
  • That we would “accurately handle” the Word of God as we teach and offer encouragement.
  • For healing to come to those who are in deep emotional pain due to marital strife and separation.
  • For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit as we minister through prayer and teaching.
  • For the lay leaders and pastors who have invited us to speak and teach as well as for those kind folks who will open their homes to us.
  • That we would be very sensitive and dialed in to the Holy Spirit as we      intersect with people, so as not to miss God’s divine appointments.
  • That we would be wise stewards in using the gifts and resources God has given us.
  • For  creativity as we create various forms of media for those who are following our journey via the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, our Blog, and our website, etc.)
  • That we would commune with God in the midst of every circumstance; drawing upon His perspective and wisdom.
  • That God would create in us the desire to be more like Him in our words, deeds, thoughts, and desires.
  • For no technical difficulties that would hamper our teaching or presentations.
  • For protection over our home, vehicle, family members, and loved ones.
  • For protection over our own marriage and the time we need to rest, spend time in prayer and the Word, process our experiences, and regroup as needed.
  • For safe and protected traveling mercies, especially as we drive many miles and move our equipment and belongings from place to place.
  • For continued healing for Clint’s back, excellent health, and restful sleep so we are  energized for all the opportunities God gives us to serve Him.

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