Prayer Support

Please pray for Inverse Ministries in the following areas:

  • The salvation of those who do not yet know God.
  • The revelation of His Word, His Truth, and His Love into every aspect of our lives
  • Safety and Divine appointments during our 40-Day Marriage Mission Trips
  • Speaking opportunities and engagements at churches, events, retreats, etc.
  • Opportunities to network with others so that we establish contacts and develop relationships in a variety of places.
  • Creativity and direction as we continue to travel on our mission trips, write books, design materials, plan seminars, and speak to various individuals, groups, churches, and organizations.
  • Continued personal growth and intimacy with God.
  • Wisdom and consistent provision in regard to our financial needs.
  • We are deeply concerned for the many people who are lost and the growing number of Christians who are saved, yet living apart from God’s will. There are many hurting people right in our own neighborhood as well as in the larger territory that surrounds us.

The following is a Prayer of Declaration that we wrote as a covering over our opportunities to minister – wherever and whenever they may occur.

A Prayer of Declaration for Inverse Ministries

Father, we praise Your holy name. You are God Almighty. Thank You for redeeming, saving, and reconciling us. We come before You asking first for the forgiveness of our sins. Please renew and restore our fellowship with You this day.

Fill our hearts with the passion from Your heart. Fill all our minds with the wisdom of Your thoughts and Your ways, and fill our mouths with the truth You want us to speak. Ignite our souls with the courage to declare You to lost and broken people. In the name of Jesus Christ, we claim destruction upon the lies of the enemy who has no place here.

You have commanded us to go out and minister with the grace, mercy, and power that You supply. We call upon Your presence in this moment and in the moments to come. Anoint us with Your Holy Spirit to speak and serve with humility and love. Unite us this day into one heart and one mind, obedient to Your authority. We surrender control over every circumstance to You. It is with holy fear and reverence that we come before You to make this declaration today. We declare:

  • The name of Jesus Christ be proclaimed and adored above all other names Your daily provision to You, Jesus; the Bread of Life
  • A resurrection of souls who are consumed wth seeking Your face
  • A revival of lives that display Your glory
  • A complete filling of this place with Your presence
  • Our fears, failures, time, possessions, and abilities be used as Your tools to change lives
  • Your will be done, not ours
  • Your sovereignty and unchanging Word over our pride, motives, needs, and desires
  • Your protection over our marriage and ministry
  • Inverse Ministries is defined by what we give, not by what we receive. It is our hope that God will use our lives to further His kingdom and draw glory to His name… the only name that is worthy of praise!

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